Welcome to GO2YOGA, a San Francisco yoga school.

We offer a multitude of yoga modalities in varying degrees of heat. Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and yes–friendly! We view our community as a family, and do our very best to ensure the well-being and healthfulness of our students.

Here, you are invited to deepen your understanding of body, breath, and the union or “yoga” between the two–starting with you. The safety and successfulness of your practice are our main concern. For that reason, all of our classes are all-levels, and our instructors are trained to work with our diverse student body of all ages and abilities.


Call: 650-733-7388

We are so happy to be here on Ocean Avenue, serving San Francisco’s historical Ingleside District and surrounding areas.

Hot Yoga Ocean Avenue is a yoga center that offers a wide variety of hot yoga modalities. Our mission is to provide a soulful, knowledgeable group practice within our immediate and expanding community of students. We teach public yoga classes 7 days a week, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Additionally, we are Yoga Teacher Training Facility, Certified by the Yoga Alliance. We offer 200 HR, RYS Yoga Teacher Trainings. For us, yoga is life, and it is our intention to share the knowledge we have gained over our years of practice and teaching with the public.

Our Studio

Heat: Our yoga room is heated between 100-105 degrees for Traditional Hot practices, and 90-95 for power yoga and vinyasa/yinyasa practices. We use both radiant and gas heat or a combination of the two to ensure the room is amply warm to facilitate the stretching any particular class calls for. That being said, you can expect to sweat–sometimes a lot! Please help us to conserve heat and keep costs low: Close the yoga room door after yourself, and refrain from standing in the doorway with the door ajar. We appreciate your mindfulness and contribution.

Only water bottles, mats and towels are allowed in the yoga room. The heat and humidity can damage electronics, like mobile phones and tablets. Not to mention, they are a distraction to you and those around you. Please leave electronics with your belongings, either in the lobby or dressing room.

We require bath-sized towels (that cover most, if not all of your mat) in the Hot and Fire classes.

Towels are optional for all other classes. If you forget yours, or would rather avoid an increase in your laundry duties, we rent towels for $2

Facility and Amenities
Our yoga room features tall, non-distorting mirrors on our front and side wall to give our students maximum visibility. Our floors are non-carpeted, which means no lingering odors and are therefore much more hygenic. We use BioKleen naturally-derived cleaning products, as well as vinegar, water, and tea tree oil for cleaning mirrors and sanitizing yoga mats. FOR YOUR PRACTICE: We rent yoga mats for $2 if you would rather not bring your own. Blocks and straps are free to use during class.

Our dressing room is separate from the yoga room and includes two bathrooms, two showers, and a private changing area. We offer these showers as a courtesy, and ask for your help in conserving water and to limit your shower to a 2 minute rinse. We do not permit shampoos, conditioners, soaps or combs in the showers, as they lead to product build-up that can cause damage to our plumbing over time. Please note: The function of a shower post-practice is to rinse the toxins off of your skin. Please be mindful and courteous to your community–keep your showers short, and clear the drain of any hair you may leave behind in rinsing.

After class, you might like to cool down and hang out in the courtyard just behind our studio. There is ample seating, natural light, and plant-life. Think of it as a mini yoga oasis. You are welcome to it for the 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes post class.

Hatha yoga is a practice, as in everyday life, some days are better than others. This may be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences you choose..With that said, we ask that you be kind, and patient with yourself, fellow students and your teachers.  Most of all: trust the process, because it really works!


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